Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Shaken... not stirred... 007 strikes again!

Tonight was my friend Janet's 21 birthday, and her wish was to have a massive dinner with all her friends in a posh chinese resturant down in Cardiff Bay. Yet it was not just any party, it was a James Bond themed night! So we all got dressed in our best bond-ish clothes and made our way to The Pearl of the Orient. Here are some pictures from the night's fooleries. Hope you guys enjoy the pictures of me in a suit (trust me, it doesn't happen that often)! It was a wonderful night, with truly amazing food. They even had Mabu Tofu as dish! Anyway, enjoy everyone.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Back in Wales!!

Hey everyone! Well, after 2 planes, 2 trains, one cab, and 28-odd hours of traveling, I have finally made it back to Cardiff. First off, I am sorry that the blog address has changed. For some reason I could not access my other one (quite anoying actually), thus I have created this new one that is relatively the same as the first one. Hope you guys can all find it. Anyway, here are a few pictures from my last day back home, including when Michelle and I got all dressed up (man, she's breathtaking!!!), and went to Sarento's for dinner. The next couple of pictures are from when I went to dinner with my friends here in Cardiff. Yeah, I know, it was a bit crazy to go out to dinner after being awake for like 49 hours straight (couldn't sleep on the plane, or train for that matter), but I was hungry and eager to see all of my friends. We went to this Spanish restaurant named La Tasca. I pray this post finds all of you well. I will try and write more later but, as for the time being, I am in desperate need of a cup of tea. See you all later! p.s the last photo is how Michelle and I feel about being 7,500-odd miles from each other.