Sunday, February 11, 2007

A Proper Winter... an unexpected snowstorm!

Aloha everybody! Well, the last few days have been quite exciting here in Cardiff; first with Cody's arrival, and then with the completely unforcast snowstorm that fell upon Cardiff in the last two days. Thursday brought us a lite smattering of snow, a beautiful day that we thought would be our only snow day; we were gleefully mistaking. I awoke friday morning to a veritable white torrent outside my window. I, of course, ran headlong into the flurry with clothes that barely kept me warm and dry enough, and had a great day in the fields of snow. Cody eventually joined me and we had an awesome time pelting eachother with snowballs, wandering though the forests of Bute park, and generally freezing our buts off. Here are some pictures from the wintery adventure of the Brooks boys. Hope you guys are enjoying the warmth back home!


Anonymous said...

perhaps literary people freeze their "buts" off, but real people freeze their "butts" off.

michelle said...

yeah...will that be gone by April?=) hehe j/k...miss ya muchly!