Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Happy Chinese New Year!!

Howz'it everybody!! Well, the days are flying by here on the other side of the world, and it's already Chinese New Year! Last night to celebrate a bunch of my friends invited Cody and i to a lovely dinner and party at their house; it was serioulsy loads of fun! We had fortune cookies, all kinds of amazing food cooked by Wai-Chia, and a decent supply of wine and other dubious beverages to choose from. As the evening got later, and we got sillier, we busted out Taboo (which Cody and i won by the way, go Brooks' Brothers!), and eventually even got out the ol' twister mat. Here are some pictures from our crazy night. i completely forgot how hard twister was (though in the end i won that game as well =) Hope you guys are all doing great back home; we're having fun here, despite the tons of books i need to wade through before the morrow dawns. Shoots, see ya all laterz!


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Steve Brooks said...

And Happy Birthday, bro! You globe trotter, you. I'm simply amazed at all your the erudite accomplishments. You rock. Now go buy some candles and blow them out for yourself. Here's my email address if you need to reach me: stevebrooks3@earthlink.net. Aloha...Steve.