Sunday, February 25, 2007

25 years old!!!

Well it has finally happened; I have made it to be a quarter of a century... ah well, it was a fun birthday nonetheless!!! Thank you, all of you, for your prayers and calls and birthday wishes: they truly made this wanderer feel loved and thought of though so very far away. Here are some pictures from both lunch on the 22nd and my birthday dinner on the 23. For lunch a bunch of my friends went to pizza hut for the all-you-can-eat buffet (which I did some serious damage on let me asure you). Sarah, Janet, Becca, and Laura actually got me a cake with candles as well as a bottle of red-wine!! It was loads of fun. For my birthday dinner Cody and the hisar crew, Brian, Alyssa, Chewie, and I went to a Turkish place in Cardiff bay sitting literally over the bay; it was a beautiful dinner with amazing food (and even better wine!) Here's some pictures from both. Hope you guys back home are doing well! Shoots, laterz!

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